NILOBF business, trade and investment advocacy is a systematic way of bringing issues before relevant government agencies of both countries. There is a process to this. There are strategies for such engagements, for pressing for change. NILOBF advocacy is designed to cause government to see business from a business perspective. It is a process. As we bring bilateral relations problem to the public agenda, NILOBF will bring issues based on facts or statistics.

It is important that in fair advocacy for business, trade and investment policies and measures, we truly build as partners with government and the public sector by bringing advice on how to improve the business environment and welfare of the people.

NILOBF will continuously support private sector organisations in both the UK and Nigeria with the aim of promoting market-oriented reforms for truly free enterprises. Market and democracy are closely related. If there is no strong market, there will be a serious deficit in democracy.

NILOBF is determined to have a say and be consulted or included in the legislative process, and policy formulation process that has to do with business environment in UK and Nigeria. When we advocate, it will be on a clear goal, our advocacy will be evidence-based. It does not matter the complexion of government, business issues remain business issues. We have in our membership professional advocates who can be trusted to deal with all advocacy issues in the best interest of our members.

NILOBF prides itself to be a trusted ally of the government of the UK and Nigeria. We will not deviate from being seen as authentic forces of business information because our members operate in the same market. We will bring factual information that will help policy makers and add value as solution providers to some of the challenges in the business environment in UK and Nigeria.

It is possible for policymakers even though they are patriotic, to formulate wrong business policies or decisions. They may not have business experience. They may not understand how it is adding up in the market place. An association like NILOBF is in a position to bring such facts to them. NILOBF is able to tell them that this piece of legislation is not adding up. NILOBF is in the economy, its members are working in the market, so when we bring our perspective to the British and Nigerian lawmakers or policymakers by way of suggestions and recommendation, the business sector will benefit.

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Report of Greater London Business Conference on Nigeria

September 2014
Fresh vista for Nigeria, UK trade relations
Being special editorial focus by The Guardian Newspaper
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NILOBF advocacy is designed to cause government to see business from a business perspective.