NILOBF maintains a strong, well screened Membership and is open to all registered businesses with offices or representation in London and Nigeria. Membership is voluntary and non-discriminatory.


International collaboration is extremely important and the ties between Nigeria and the UK are especially valuable to both countries. Down here in London, there is a very strong consciousness of the very large population of Nigeria in business, the skills and energy of its people and its great economic potential.

NILOBF Membership is therefore targeted at the following:

  • Legally formed companies owned and managed by Nigerians in London
  • Legally licensed subsidiaries of Nigerian institutions operating or intending to operate in London
  • British companies doing or intending to do business in Nigeria
  • Agencies and Departments of Nigerian government committed to the promotion of bilateral relations with the United Kingdom
  • Agencies and Departments of British Government committed to the promotion of bilateral relations with Nigeria
  • High calibre individual business professionals engaged in businesses in London and Nigeria

NILOBF Membership Application Form:

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Report of Greater London Business Conference on Nigeria

September 2014
Fresh vista for Nigeria, UK trade relations
Being special editorial focus by The Guardian Newspaper
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Companies, business organizations, agencies, ministries and departments of Government in UK and Nigeria or companies/other business organizations anywhere in the world who are looking to establish business presence connection in Nigeria and the United Kingdom are qualified to join Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF).
NILOBF membership runs for twelve months from the date of joining and is renewable on the first of the month of joining. NILOBF membership rates for are:

Size of Company
(By turnover)
Subscription (50%Reduced)
+Registration Fee
£1,000 – £10,000
£10,000 – £50,000
£50,000 – £100,000
£100,000 – £150,000
£150,000 – £1million
£1million – £1.5million
£1.5million – £2million
£2million – £upward


NILOBF registration fee is only payable on joining and not applied when renewing. Membership runs for twelve months from the date of joining and is renewable on the 1st of the month of joining.  No cancellation or withdrawal of membership or refund of fee paid shall be entertained once approved.

NILOBF Membership