Largely, only corporate organisations will be admitted into the membership of NILOBF. In rare circumstances, however, individuals of high calibre can be admitted as members of the Forum based on the discretion of the Management.

NILOBF Members will be able to access professional and cost effective services offered by the Forum to support business growth, locate new business opportunities and expand existing businesses of its members.

The forum will coordinate the entrepreneurial activities of all its members with a view to helping them meet the operating requirements of laws as well as guiding them to deliver within the requirements of their individual clients and customers.

The Nigerian London Business Forum will create opportunities for business networking; meetings and partnership to enable its members expand their business and social potentials.

NILOBF will promote ethical standards and good corporate governance regarding business management amongst its members.

NILOBF will endeavour to render assistance, where necessary and within the limit of its resources to any of its active members or a Nigerian citizen living in any part of the UK found to be in legitimate distress.

The Forum will serve as a credible commercial platform for the promotion of trade, investment and business relationships between London and Nigeria.

In protecting the many rights and interests of all its members, the forum will seek to liaise with and lobby appropriate agencies of government in London and Nigeria with a view to influencing legislations, policies and programmes which are capable of promoting mutual interests and benefits of the two partners.

The forum will seek to actively engage in interpreting relevant U.K and Nigerian laws to its members which affect their business interests.

The NILOBF will strongly encourage its members in London and Nigeria for business exhibitions, trade delegations and investment forums both in London and commercial cities in Nigeria.

NILOBF will protect the mutual proprietary interests of all its members.

The Forum will engage in charity work and shall contribute to the well being of metropolitan London on one hand, and Nigerians living in London and other parts of the United Kingdom on the other hand.

The NILOBF will keep all its members informed of developments in Nigeria through regular briefings by visiting top government officials, private sector business moguls, and other credible professionals.

The Forum will uphold the principles of consultation, collaboration, cooperation and partnership in furthering business, trade and investment interests between London and Nigeria.

The Forum will foster the growth of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria, serving as the forum’s own contribution to making Nigerian economy more competitive and resilient.

Business Networking

What our business networking is: it is all about our members leveraging on their business and personal connections to bring them a regular supply of new businesses.

imageNetworking for business at NILOBF is encouraged to be much more than showing up at networking functions, shaking a lot of hands and collecting a bunch of cards. At NILOBF we insist that networking for business growth must be strategic and focused. Not everyone you meet can help move your business forward–but everything you do can be driven by the intention to grow your business. You have total control over whom you meet and how you develop and leverage relationships for mutual benefit.

Members networking for business at NILOBF means you have to be proactive, you have to be specific and focused on business growth in order to find the opportunity that you may have otherwise never have discovered. Members are encouraged to show diligence in their networking drive so as to make NILOBF a fulfilling, exciting and rewarding platform.

Policy Influence & Advocacy

Nigerian London Business Forum is not a body or an institution of government. It has no direct involvement in the drafting and passage of any law that seeks to regulate or affect businesses of both London and Nigeria.

However, NILOBF may act as a lobby in an effort to get laws passed that are favourable to business and beneficial to London and Nigerian economies.

Therefore, influencing policy is a central activity of NILOBF. NILOBF is committed to engaging in policy dialogue and advocacy with the governments of London and Nigeria.

In this task of policy influence and advocacy, NILOBF ensures that business interests of its members are sufficiently integrated into Nigerian-London trade, investment and business negotiating positions. Informed, timely and targeted business policy influence and advocacy can help London and Nigeria conclude beneficial trade and investment agreements.

NILOBF believes that the goal of its Committee on Policy Influence & Advocacy will have a decisive impact on the business of its members.

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